Welcome to Jaguar’s Blessing

Our mission is to provide an atmosphere of healing and balance for all seeking spiritual answers, growth, and development.

Jaguar’s Blessing is a diverse team of spiritual practitioners, healers and teachers. Our metaphysical expertise ranges from Shamanism to channeling, energy work, pet communication and intuitive readings including: aura, tarot, angel cards, animal totems, runes and even soul cards. Other modalities include past life regression, intuitive dream interpretation as well as chakra clearing and balancing.

We offer monthly gatherings centered around channeling, journeying, dream work, and interactive discussions on prominent earth changes.

From the Shamanic tradition, several members of our team specialize in soul retrieval, illuminations, extractions, and journey work. Classes in the Shaman medicine wheel are offered to assist and empower students in discovering their own path and unlocking their intuitive gifts.  The teachings can help to identify your spirit guides and animal guides while unraveling the obstacles to finding your authentic self. The practices in these studies include a mixture of Peruvian and Native American teachings handed down over many generations.

House clearings and house blessings are accomplished utilizing ancient Shamanic traditions and practices as well as intuitive observations from members of our gifted team. These clearings can include removal of poltergeists, antagonistic or unwanted ghosts in addition to dissolving stagnant and negative energies.

Whether you need a ghost whisperer, a healer, or someone to offer spiritual guidance, Jaguar’s Blessing is at your service.